Sunday, July 6, 2008


Lisa: I wonder what happened to this dog here it's like his wolfdog friend is like "man don't sit too close i don't want anyone to think i know you" and the fuzzy dog thing is like "but dude i can't even SEE this thing is around my neck man" and wolfdog says to him "yeah man you look like an IDIOT you totally shouldn'ta fuckin attacked that bird dude" and fuzzy dog goes "fuck you man this whole thing is all your fault" and wolfdog goes "shut the fuck up man" and fuzzy small thing's all "you got me into this the least you can do is act like a fucking FRIEND" and wolfdog's like "shut up shut up shut upppp" and fuzzydog's like "man this sucks i can't even see a fucking thing"

Jesse: Summer is here and that means its time for lemonade and strolling and for your two dogs to pose serenely on the front lawn like they're the subject of an Andrew Wyeth painting or a family photo circa 1907, the bigger one with his vacuous, pupil-less eyes and the collar attachment that says "My name is LARS and someone at 493 MAPLEVIEW TERRACE loves me" and that bizarre sense of impending doom (the eyes again) that sends up chill up your spine when you wake up in the middle of the night and see him watching you from the foot of the bed. Then there's Terrence who still gets a kick out of wearing that Elizabethan collar even though its been six months since the operation and you throw it away at least once a week but each time he digs it out and stuffs his little head back inside, running around the house like an inverted lampshade, getting stuck as he tries to squeeze under the armchair and then plopping down in the grass like he's using the thing for suntanning purposes. God bless these furred beasts.

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