Monday, February 14, 2011

Say No to Pugs

Hey hopheads: leave your dog out of it. When you're riding that verdant wave, all zonked up on cannabis seeds, your dog may seem like the perfect companion for the journey, zoning out together onto some distant astral plane, where his fur feels like moon-grass and your shoelaces taste ribbons of fettucine boiled by the sun itself. Man's best friend right? Well unfortunately not all pursuits are suitable for a dog to embark upon. It's not the same kind of thing where taking Fido along to the chocolate donut and macadamia nuts buffet will result in a blown-out stomach and a trail of shimmery blood poos all over the rug and up the stairs. A high dog is a happy dog, or so it seems, but it's this kind of happiness that's colored by a loss of some of your control. For as much you guys may seem like pals, getting your dog wild on rhino seeds is going to make him respect you that much less, turning the master-hound relationship into something far less defined. Sure you might share a puff with your boss if offered, but it's always a turning point situation, the two of you lighting up in the parking garage one day and the next you're knowing it's all an act when he tries to hassle you about expense reports. It'll be the same with your dog. He'll start thinking of you as the good-time party master and know he can take a little more, sneak a few more snausages while you're falling asleep on the couch in the afternoon, without you having a thing to say about it. So next time you order a lid from cannabis seeds uk think about the negative precedent you'll be setting if you extend the revelry into the realm of mano-a-dogo.