Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Dogs are fun!

Lisa: One of the most fun things about dogs is they like to play it's neat because they're so much fun you like them? they turn the most regular normal things into fun games like this dog here he sees a rope that's attached to things that are in the ground and he says "now this to me looks like a game, who's in?" but nobody's in since he's probably more fun than anybody else in the world and his imagination is so beautiful that he's the only one that's able to see the fun in everything it's a curse really but like one of those beautiful curses like how the elephant man was so gross looking but he was like a really nice guy and beautiful on the inside and had so much inner strength and things but anyway so this dog is like "shit man this looks like a rad game" and he fucking bites on the rope and it turns out he's RIGHT the game is pretty much the most awesome thing he's ever played and if i were there i would just sit down on the ground and watch him and be glad that he's not the elephant man because if he was i would like him much less

Jesse: Remember that scene in White Fang when White Fang is forced to fight that other dog and you can tell by his initial reticence that he doesn't want to have to do this again because he's tired of that wild life and having to bite the shit out of canines he knows are his brothers just to prove a point so he gives that look that's like "cmon guy we don't have to do this" but the other dog has no use for it and he's on White Fang with his teeth and White Fang holds back for a second more until its too much and he just tears into this fucking dog and its about as horrifying as you can get with a PG rating, but you know he had no choice so you can respect it and at the last moment when that dog's throat is exposed White Fang pulls back and gives him that look so he knows he wasn't worth it and the guys who bet on the other dog throw down their hats and walk out of the place just shaking their heads? That was awesome.

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