Sunday, January 18, 2009

My Dogs are Barkin'

Jesse: Is Peanuts one of those cartoon universes where you have a mixture of anthropomorphic dogs and real ones? Does Snoopy have a gang of four-legged buddies that he runs with or is it all Joe Cools and that Mexican cousin with the weird hat? I dont remember, but cartoons like this are weird because of the confusing mixture of actual animals and people animals so you end up with situations like Arthur where he's an aardvark but also a boy (he doesn't even have an aardvark's nose now after they prettied him up so he's kind of just a non-descript gentle beast) and he has a pet dog that's an actual dog but also a friend who's a dog person. How do the dog people feel about this? Imagine living in a world where we were surrounded by less evolved versions of ourselves (not apes, more like cave men) and even kept those versions as pets. This doesn't bother children at all but you have to figure that they also eat jellybeans that they find between the couch cushions.

Lisa: Jesse I'm afraid I don't understand what the problem is here.

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