Monday, January 26, 2009

Collect 'em All!

Jesse: Hey kids! Be sure to get your Official Aint Nothin' But a Houndblog Dog Pogs, guaranteed to unclog your brain fog. Pogs and dogs are taking the nation by storm! So round, you can carry them anywhere! Take em on a jog! On a trip to Prague! Glue them to your hedgehog. Flip 'em, skip 'em, dip 'em in your eggnog (don't actually do this, they'll be ruined). Whatever you do, pick up a stack and relive your favorite houndblog moments with some nifty little "dog bites", right on the back! Collect all 16!

Lisa: Oh my gosh what a wonderful way to expand your pog collection, I wasn't allowed to have pogs because my mom didn't want me to choke but these sure are handsome things I wonder if she'll let me get them not to play but to frame in my room, the good news is pogs are usually made of cardboard and if they get in your mouth it's just a matter of time until they dissolve```

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