Monday, January 19, 2009

This dog and his amazing, technicolor dream vest

Jesse: Remember on older televisions when someone would wear a suit with a funky pattern like this and the picture wouldn't be able to handle it so you'd get those weird fuzzy-colored lines dancing all over? What about the rainbow test pattern that would show up really early in the morning? Or the cartoon about telepathic future humans riding heavily equipped dinosaurs into battle. These are things that you will try to explain to your children but find only dead-eyed stares of incomprehension and disinterest. If you think about it, the gap between each generation gets less and less significant. Your grandparents didnt have television, your parents didnt have computers, you didnt have your own tiny superphone with a Jonas Brothers ringtone. Our future kids are bound to be such entitled little pieces of shit that I would consider not having them if it didn't mean I'd have no one to punish.

Lisa: What a nice mother that dog must have for her to knit him such a beautiful sweater. Sometimes when I'm cold I put on layers and layers of shirts until I can't move my arms and I lay down on a blanket on the fl0or and roll around until I'm tangled up, it's a fun game but if my mom isn't home I usually get stuck under the dining room table

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