Monday, November 24, 2008

Dog Fancy

Jesse: Now that the Google behemoth has swallowed up the Life magazine archives and made them available for all the world to see we can have a reminder of the old days when things were simple enough that an animal sitting on a couch was considered newsworthy. This picture probably caused lots of women to chatter for hours on the phone and lots of husbands to respond by locking them in the closet (this was the polite way to punish your wife in the ‘50s). Sure, this dog is cute, but its cuteness is so soullessly presented that you can’t help but envision this anesthetized life of personal handlers and Benzedrine injections and very short walks. Take all those stories you’ve heard about Judy Garland being kept docile on a steady diet of studio-furnished prescription drugs and apply them to this dog, whose life probably ended in a bathtub at the Plaza hotel with a feathery chemise and two pawfuls of Seconal.

Lisa: I still get locked in the closet sometimes but mostly this dog is great!

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