Monday, June 30, 2008


Jesse: Like that optical illusion where the picture is an old woman and a young lady this photo can be taken one of two ways; the ambiguity is so locked into a half empty/half full dynamic that it could be used in psychological testing. Now if you're an optimist you're seeing this Norman Rockwell scene with the big dog as the watchful father waiting for these little guys to finish eating so he can lead them running off in a line connected tail-to-mouth, across main street and the frozen-over pond past the old mill to visit down at the orphanage for Christmas morning. If you're more negative minded you see him getting ready to show these pups a thing or two and go crazy on seven bowls of Kibble. There's also the more nuanced option where the big dog is about to pull rank to take his share and then back away gracefully or that he's staring at a very small bug behind that puppy, but the world of dogs is black and white (this is a pun, they cannot see colors) and so there's no room for this kind of varied interpretation.

Lisa: I don't know, there's something something about this picture that makes me want to die. In a good way. Maybe it's the fact that it combines my favorite things (dogs, food, friendship), or that there are SEVEN ADORABLE PUPPIES being FUCKING ADORABLE, I mean GODDAMN mister just LOOK at them! I also like the fact that their tails are in varying degrees of waggedness, CAN YOU TELL HOW HAPPY THEY ARE TO BE EATING? No, no, TO BE ALIVE? And I like to think the grown-up dog in the background is their older brother Chester whose mom was like "Chaz, I really need a nap do you mind taking them outside for a little bit?" and Chester's like "but Moooom I don't want to they're so dumb!" when in reality he's like the proudest big brother in the world and when he watches them play he thinks they're the smartest and cutest pups that ever walked this green earthhhhhhhh~

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