Friday, June 27, 2008

Who dis bitch think she be?

Lisa: This picture of Oreo was taken in a friend's basement after a My Chemical Romance concert. GERARD WAY TOUCHED HER PAW. It was amaaaaaaaazing. Less amazing were the stupid preps (read: POSERS) screaming behind her THE ENTIRE TIME. No, seriously, the entire fucking concert.

But she's finally forgotten about those cookie-cutter bitches. She and her friends are playing Spit with a ratty old deck of cards and drinking Kayla's dad's Coors lite. After a few drinks, just moments before she chokes to death on her own tongue, Oreo will decide that when she dies she wants her gravestone to read, "Too Punk Rock for this Planet."

Yeah, alright, homegirl look fine with them sweet whiskers and little bitty tongue and you thinkin' "MMM, Ima take this bitch to the park on sunday, run around a lil bit and get down playin' tug-o-war with an old piece'a rope" but watch out because i am telling you son this shit is all angles. what you don't see is that foul stretched out tummy from the litter she just shat out and those paws all wore down from chasin' niggas cars around like they gon' support her and her nasty pups.

Seriously this bitch's back fur is MAYN-GEEE and YOU KNOW she covered in that pound puppy stank that a bitch like that never gonna lose. Imagine her trailin' around in your yard with some ragged-ass football or sock or some shit begging you with them sick eyes to play fetch before you even dream of hollerin' at shawty.

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