Monday, April 13, 2009

Dog Art

Jesse: Art is cool because its so full of layers and meanings. Like this piece for example, what's the story behind it? Maybe this dude was just out for a nice stroll on the lea behind his estate when out of nowhere this dog bursts through the treeline and fucking bulldozes this stag like Warren Sapp flattening some puny quarterback and the guy was like "awwww shit, ima paint this" Or maybe it's nothing at all like that and the dog is just whispering something delighftully observant in the stag's ear.

Lisa: I've never seen a dog with antlers before but considering the way things are up North where it gets really cold I guess it's not much of a surprise. WHat a fun thing it must be to ride on a sled pulled by man's best friend and it's pretty common knowledge that dogs have very good eyesight which begs the question why does Santa use reindeer when dogs would have a much easier time navigating their way through airspace

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