Sunday, March 15, 2009

Meat Hound

Jesse: Slavering meat hounds may not be as intimidating as those angry painted noses with all the teeth but keep in mind that the Japanese have an intense, abiding fear of dogs. This is why the "asian people eat dogs" myth exists. They do eat dogs, not because they want to but because ancient lore instructs that the only way to banish the otherwise immortal spirit of a demon hound (goumou-ryouken kanashimi) is to season it with mirin, ginger and some daikon radish.

Lisa: You know when your eyes are bigger than your stomach and you end up with a hamburger the size of your head? Well I was eating one the other day, it was very hard, and naturally I couldn't finish it because I'm rather small. Anyway, I feel very sad when I do this because things are starving all over the world, and I thought "gee I wish I had a dog right now, he would finish this for me!"

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