Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Pipe Dreamz

Lisa: Oh gosh well this makes me uneasy for several reasons, I'll begin the way the dog's eyes are glowing. In my heart of hearts I realize this is merely a result of the camera's flash but you can't help but get the chills when you see this otherwise adorable baby looking a little mean. I'm having a hard time understanding the goings-on in this photograph; it looks to me like friendship but you really can't be sure.

Jesse: Its tough being a dog for the times when you just need to get away and have a thought to yourself without getting all hassled and petted and rescued from inside a pipe by a hunky beefcake who supplements his rescue hero salary by posing for the covers of romance novels. One day a dog may be able to rest comfortably inside a pipe in peace and until then we'll never be a real democracy will we?

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