Monday, February 16, 2009


Lisa: I'm concerned, this dog appears to have a flea or tick problem I hope he's had his shots, I mean it could be the quality of my monitor or the fact that he's just dirty (dogs sometimes have a fun time playing in mud). I'm also concerned about his stomach, it looks like he's eating grass or some kind of green (???) and this is something cats often do when they have a difficult time digesting their food. No, you know what, I can't tell, maybe somebody just forgot to mow the lawn.

Jesse: Actually the answer is (D): none of the above. The fact that this is drawn on construction paper suggests that it is the work of a child, which suggests a tenuous connection to reality, which suggests that ideas about lawns or mud are too concrete, which suggests that yes, this dog is actually made out of ice cream and is melting at a very rapid rate. The green is probably a toppled pile of fondant which suggests that this was actually an ice cream cake.

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